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Lux Luminum

by Pøbel

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Fyld pokalen helt til randen, få alverden til at svinge, svinge, mig fortryller fin bordeaux, anjou og arbois. x 2 Leve, vin og sang, lad flaskens blod i glasset rinde, Leve, vin og sang, bægerklang natten lang. x 2 English translation: Fill your glass to the brim, make the world swing, swing I'm enchanted by fine bordeaux, anjou and arbois. x 2 Life, wine and song, let the flasks blood run in the glass Life, wine and song, cups clatter all night long. x2
Requiem 03:38
Ut enim ad meni veniam, quis nostrud exercitation. Ullam co laboris nisi ut ali quip ex ea commodo consequat.
Lullaby 05:26
Refrain: Mariam Matrem Virginem attollite Ihesum Christum extollite concorditer. Maria seculi asilum defende nos. Ihesu totum refugium exaudi nos. Iam estis vos totaliter diffugium totum mundi confugium realiter. Refrain Ihesu suprema bonitas verissima. Maria dulcis pietas gratissima. Amplissima conformiter sit caritas Ad nos quos pellit vanitas enormiter. Refrain Maria facta saeculis salvatio. Ihesu damnati hominis redemptio. Pugnare quam viriliter per famulis Percussis duris jaculis atrociter. English Translation: Refrain: Mary, the Virgin Mother, exalt her, and extol Jesus Christ, concordantly. Mary, asylum for the world, defend us. Jesus, total refuge, hear us. You are, while we are totally dispersed, a complete safe haven from the world truly. Refrain Jesus, supreme goodness, full of truth, Mary, sweet mercy full of grace, May similarly superabound your love Towards us who the vanity of life strikes enormously. Refrain Mary, used to procure for generations salvation. Jesus, for damned mankind redemption. Fight as ardently for your servants, as they are being struck hard atrociously.
Lux Luminum 04:24
Mit hjerte brænder hedt som et bål og så det skal pro laudibus Mariæ. Vore min tunge gjort af stål og havde et mål totamque vim sophie. Måtte jeg lærdommen finde hanc laudare virginem, da ville jeg digte og rime. Reginarum regine et domine, du loves i allen time. Hvad siger jeg den usle mand som lidet kan de hac virginitate? Al din sorg du overvandt som du det fandt sua benignitate. Du er vel værdig at prises templum dei trinitas hvorfra dine dyder vises. Majestatis unitas essencie, du ærefulde og vise. O lux et decus hominum, lux luminum, Maria med dyd og fromme. Pereriste filium, et dominum, Jesus den signede blomme. Lad os aldrig adskilles, virge jesse florida, oprunden som rose og lilje. Da nobis solacium, et gaudium, med magt og fuldgod vilje. English translation: My heart burns hot like a pyre and so it should To praise Mary Were my tongue made of steel and had a purpose and fullness of wisdom Might I find the knowledge To praise this virgin I would write poetry and rhyme. Queen of queens and mistress Be praised for all time. What say i, oh wretched man who knows none of her virginity? All your grief you overcome as you find it in your mercy. You are praiseworthy like the temple of the Trinity of God from which your virtues appear. Majestic unison of essence you are honorable and wise. Oh light and joy of people, light of lights, Mariy, both virtuos and pious. You have born a son and lord Jesus the blessed flowers. Never seperate from me, oh blossoming branch sprung from rose and lily. Give us comfort and joy With might and willpower.
The Siege 04:00


“Is this a genuine medieval CD?” you might ask. Alas, we must confess; it is but plastic and paper. Some historians and more well-read practitioners of early music may say the same thing about the music on this album – and perhaps rightfully so. But we fear that until we invent some sort of time machine, we will never know exactly how music sounded in the Middle Ages.
That being said, 18 out of the 19 pieces of music recorded on this album can be found in medieval and renaissance sources and the same is true of all the instruments featured. However, in Pøbel we choose to approach both as ‘modern-day minstrels’, not trying to strictly recreate historical medieval music, but interpreting and arranging the material in a way that we hope makes it more accessible and enjoyable for modern audiences. Hence we allow ourselves to combine different melodies from across countries and centuries, and to transform solemn hymns into feisty dance tunes and vice versa.
A famous bard once sung; ”It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!”, and that pretty much sums up our approach to medieval music – and to music in general. Nevertheless, the starting point was, and always will be, our common love for good tunes, and an eternal fascination with the past. It is our earnest and sincere hope that this album will be to Your Grace’s liking!

Pøbel would like to thank: Dansk Artist Forbund, Troels Alsted, Agnes Åhlund, Per Tidstrand, Benjamin Tarp our friends and colleagues in Krapyl, Virelai, Luntertuns Artilleri Corps, Company of Crooked Sticks and Genz d'Armes 1415 (pictured on the left). We would also like to thank that English guy and his Dutch friend for acting as extras in the photos that didn’t make it onto this cover.
Last but not least, Mads would like to give a special thanks to Signe Winther, Nicolas Koch-Simms, Patrik Tunberg and our late fiddling friend John Hart - without you there would be no Pøbel.


released May 13, 2017

All tracks arranged by Pøbel
Special guest on track 8 Agnes Åhlund
Produced and recorded by Troels Alsted at his studio (2017)
Track 12 recorded by Michael Caplin at Skurups Folkhögskola (2014) Mixed by Troels Alsted & Pøbel
Mastering by Per Tidstrand
Photos by Benjamin Tarp
Cover layout by Mads Kjøller-Henningsen


all rights reserved



Pøbel Copenhagen, Denmark

Pøbel is a band that plays captivating and danceable medieval music. Bringing authentic instruments, tunes and costumes onto the stage Pøbel is not only a qualified guess on how a renowned "dance band" might have looked like in the late 1400s - it is also one of the most busy and ambitious medieval bands in Denmark today! ... more

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